vrijdag 18 april 2014

sweet dreams...

a few weeks ago I saw the call for testers from An from Straight grain.
in a crazy mood, I volunteered. 
it was not the first time I volunteered to test a pattern, 
but I never expected to be chosen.
but there is a first time for everything I guess...

I had missed the email she sent me, so I panicked a bit about the timing,
but I really shouldn't have. 
I broke down the whole thing in a few smaller steps so I could do it 'in between'.
quick drawing and cutting as one part.
the next night assembling.
and another stolen moment to assemble the buttons. 
they are actual buttons, although it looks like kamsnaps in the pictures)

but looking back, it would have been perfectly possible to do all at once.

the pattern is clear, rather easy (if you don't mind installing a blind zipper)
and very well explained, so you are quickly done.
that is if you can choose your fabric at least....

the only thing I struggled with was the zipper. turns out bath cloth and hidden zippers 
don't go very well together. the 'loops'  get easily stuck in the zipper so you need to keep some distance. 

I went for a summer version in the smallest size.
the pattern prescribed batting and lining, but I decided to use bath cloth. 
I have no idea if that is the right translation for "badstof", but to make sure you understand: it feels like a towel :-)

the coton I used is one I bought in Barcelona last year, intentionally to make a dress for the girls, but they didn't like it very much...

I chose the version with the piping, it is such a lovely detail that makes this
sleeping bag different from all the others I think.

the inside looks really soft, but will also keep her dry and cool in the summer I hope.

my girls no longer wear sleeping bags, so I had to "borrow" a baby from a friend.
her daughter is such a pretty little lady...I couldn't stop taking pictures of her 
and it was an impossible task to select the pictures. 
they were all to damn cute if you ask me.
but you can see for yourself...


thank you An for the opportunity to test, I really enjoyed it and I am sure I will make some more Lua's 
in the future.

pattern: Lua - straight grain
fabric: shop in barcelona, but you can find in Veritas as well
piping and buttons: Veritas
lining: stoffenspektakel.

18 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig! En inderdaad, wat een schattige baby! Super mooie foto's...

  2. Mooi stofje! En wat een schattig meisje inderdaad...

  3. Die geleende baby ziet er een schatje uit!
    Ik gebruikte ook badstof, en hield de lusjes aan de rits tegen door de boel te doorstikken (op de badstof en de naadwaarde van de rits), dat helpt wel

  4. Wat een leuke foto's. Het ziet er een schatje uit die 'geleende' baby.

  5. Oh weeral een mooie versie! En met model erin zijn die slaapzakjes nog schattiger !

  6. Wat een schatteke in je mooie slaapzak!

  7. Blijkbaar hadden we hetzelfde idee over een zomerversie ;-) Supermooi stofje gebruikte jij !!!

  8. Heel leuke combinatie, en schattige baby :-)

  9. Sweet baby pictures. I love the idea of lining the sleep sack with towel fabric (in american english: Terry Cloth).

  10. Zo'n lieve baby. De slaapzak lijkt mij superzacht.
    Het is leuk om u eens in het Engels te lezen.

  11. very beautiful. love the pics! and what a great idea to use "bath cloth" for the inner fabric!

  12. Dit is bij uitstek de schattigste baby met de mooiste slaapzak die ik de voorbije weken zag voorbijkomen. Had het een wedstrijd geweest ik stemde voor u.


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